Special course on museum design

Музейный дизайн2
Курс Музейный дизайн в Музее Анны Ахматовой в Фонтанном доме
Курс Музейный дизайн в Античных залах Государственного Эрмитажа
The course on the museum design is a joint project of the PRO ARTE Foundation and the Department of Arts of the St Petersburg State University. Other participants include the State Hermitage Museum, the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg, and Central Communications Museum. The course was developed in 2010.
The course is intended for bachelor and master degree students of the department of art of St Petersburg University that major in design (graphic and environment design).
This single semester course (September through December) consists of lectures, museum tours and practical classes on museum design. The students have an opportunity to create real exhibition projects for museums in St Petersburg. The project is unique because it combines the efforts of different institutions (Museum-Foundation-University) and involves a number of partners from various fields (museum workers, architects, designers).
The course is very ‘close to life’: the students are taught by museum workers and designers. This is not an academic course; it is about getting first hand knowledge.
The classes take place at the PRO ARTE premises at Peter and Paul Fortress and in museums of St Petersburg.