Workshop in Museum of Bread


St. Petersburg Museum of Bread was founded in 1988 as an initiative of the Lenkhlebprom enterprise to become an industry-sponsored Museum of the history of bread-baking. The Museum is located in the former Ligovka experimental bread-baking facility (now a business centre) at Ligovsky pr. 73. 

In 1993 the Museum was granted a status of a public cultural institution and registered as the “St. Petersburg Museum of Bread”. Now it is Russia’s only museum dedicated to the history of bread and bread-baking; the Museum’s collection numbers over 20,000 items.

In 2010 a new building – former A. Pastukhov’s house at Mikhailovskaya st. 2, a newly discovered historical and cultural monument – was added to the Museum.

The new building of the Museum in the Mikhailovskaya street has been completely refurbished and is now being prepared to house the new display of the Museum of Bread.

St. Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design will feature the exhibition titled “Visions of Bread. New Ideas for the Museum’ Exhibition”. This exhibition showcases the outcomes of a joint workshop attended by students of St. Petersburg State University Arts Department (curated by Eugenia Petrashen’) and School of Design of the Moscow Higher School of Economics (curated by Yegor Larichev, Dmitriy Baryudin and Maria Kalinina). Young designers will present their ideas for the future development of the Museum of Bread.