Biennale program features exhibitions and displays in the St. Petersburg museums. Among the participants are the Museum of City Sculpture: its New Exhibition Hall and the Narva Gate; Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum, Museum of the Defense and Siege of Leningrad, Raznochinny Petersburg Museum, Museum of Bread, Feodor Chaliapin Memorial Apartment (branch of the Museum of Music and Theater). Museum of Political History of Russia, Mikhail Anikushin’s Studio (branch of the Museum of City Sculpture), World War I Museum in Tsarskoye Selo – Ratnaya Palata.

Short guide to the Biennale provides the visitors with a map and information about exhibitions and designers.

Biennale’s exhibitions and displays were developed by Russian and international designers and design firms, such as Kvorning Design&Communication (Denmark), Barnbrook (UK), Ralph Appelbaum Associates (US-Russia), Intro Design (Finland), «Svoya Shkola» (St. Petersburg).

Biennale’s special program in the Hermitage features exhibition “The History of the Hermitage Reflected in its Showcases” and open lectures by the world’s leading designers and architects. The Biennale’s audience will get a chance to visit new display at the Oriental and the Antiquities Departments and the Department of Archeology of Eastern Europe and Siberia.