Exhibitions from Moscow museums

Central Museum of Communications

The museum features the exhibition dedicated to the competition Concept for the Museum Cluster – urban public space in the centre of Moscow.

The Italian hall of the St.Petersburg Academy of Arts

The exhibition presents projects submitted for the competition Design Projects for the New NCCA Moscow Building at Khodynskoye Pole in Moscow.


Central Museum of Communications

Museum Cluster

November 14 – December 14, 2014

The task for the participants of this competition was to design a network of walking-tour routes and art-spaces that would link together main architectural landmarks within walking distance from each other and create an urban space that is both convenient and friendly, a “museum cluster” that could become Moscow’s new symbol. Such spaces are integral part of city life in a number of world’s cultural centers, such as Stockholm, Madrid and Vienna, and attract tourists from across the world.

new ncca


The Italian hall of the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts

New NCCA Building

November 14 - December 12, 2014

In July-December 2013 Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in association with the National Center for Contemporary Art held an Open International Competition for the architectural concept for the new NCCA building (museum and exhibition center) at Khodynskoye Pole in Moscow.