St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design2
30/09 – 30/10/2016

Permanent display of the St. Petersburg Museum of Bread in the Mikhailova ulitsa

St. Petersburg Museum of Bread

St. Petersburg Museum of Bread was founded in 1988 on the initiative of the “Lenhlebprom” Association as a Museum of the History of Bread Baking. Since 1993 the museum was taken under the Committee on Culture and Tourism of the St. Petersburg Government and received its name – St. Petersburg Museum of Bread. It is the only one museum in Russia devoted to the history of bread cultivation and baking, its collection totaling about 14,000 exhibits. A new permanent display of the St. Petersburg Museum of Bread opened in a new museum building in Mikhaylova ulitsa in 2015. Thematic parts of the exposition: “Bread in the traditional culture of eastern Slavs”, “Bread in besieged Leningrad”, “Petersburg kitchen” etc.

New permanent display “The Russian Revolution 1917-1922”

Museum of the Political History of Russia

New permanent display in the Museum of the Political History of Russia is dedicated to one of the crucial and most dramatic periods in Russian history – Revolution, 1917-1922. This project summed up the result of a long-term work of the museum staff on the research of new approaches creating an exposition about the Russian revolution. The exhibition opened in five museum halls and contains documents and photos representing the development of revolutionary events, as well as posters, paintings and graphics of revolutionary period, and original unique exhibits – revolution artifacts. The exposition has contemporary design including specific expositional constructions, thought-over color scheme of halls, special fonts for different exposition texts, carefully tuned lighting for different parts of the exhibit etc. It creates a special environment appealing to visitor’s emotions and allowing him or her to deeper comprehend presented materials.

New exposition of the Grand Menshikov Palace in Oranienbaum “Oranienbaum through Centuries”

Grand Menshikov Palace in Oranienbaum

The new historical museum project “Oranienbaum through Centuries” united traditional museum expositional techniques and the latest multimedia technologies in several halls of the museum. Guests of the Palace will learn a lot about ancient Izhora lands. Visitors of the museum will become participants of fascinating battles of the Great Northern War (1700-21), will appear on a command point of Peter I and under walls of the besieged Nöteborg fortress, and will attend the audience with the governor of Ingermanland – Alexander Menshikov. The unique mechanical layout shows architectural changes that the Grand Menshikov Palace and the Park have undergone through the centuries.

Cultural and historical project “Peterhof Summer Residents”

Alexandria Park Farmer`s Palace of the State Peterhof Museum

10 августа 2016 года в Фермерском дворце парка Александрия ГМЗ «Петергоф» открылась новая постоянная экспозиция. Новый историко-культурный проект «Петергофские дачники» располагается в 15 залах и предлагает гостям погрузиться в атмосферу летнего отдыха на южном побережье Финского залива в XIX – начале ХХ веков. Более 300 музейных предметов в экспозиции дают представление об исключительном характере дачной культуры этих мест.

New Exhibition Hall – Manege

Manege Central Exhibition Hall

Manege central exhibition hall is the biggest display space in the center of St. Petersburg. The exhibition hall is located in a historic building of the Imperial Horse Guards regimental arena, built in 1804-1807 according to the project by Giacomo Quarenghi. After a major refurbishment in 2013-2016, which included the installation of state-of- the-art exhibition facilities and the updating of its cultural programme, the Manege is well on its way to becoming one of Russia’s most in-demand venues for displaying world-class art.