St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design3
09/11 – 19/12/2018

The exhibition featuring the exceptionally wide-ranging Peterhof collection of postcards invites today’s visitors to follow the routs of the tourists who explored Peterhof in the early 20th century. The story behind the display is based on M. Izmailov’s «Guide to Peterhof» that was an all-new edition of the time. The illustrated two-language Guide with maps and plans was published in 1909 to mark the Bicentenary of the Imperial Residence. This rare book still provides valuable information on the history of Peterhof while many of its illustrations have become signature «postcard views» of the site.




Postcards that seem to be a customary souvenir brought home from a trip prove extremely difficult for exhibiting. A postcard exhibition is a true challenge for museum designers! Many world renowned artists compete with each other in designing deltiological displays. Peterhof offers its visitors a unique design solution: an exhibition-transformer where every phase of the tourist walk around Peterhof is presented by a hands-on module (a showcase) featuring the postcards and thematic museum objects that illustrate it in such a way that each and every item becomes visible and noticeable. Using modern interactive technologies the visitors can have a ride on the «Cuckoo» train, drop in at the shops of provincial Peterhof, listen to music by A. Rubenstein, feel themselves grammar-school students sitting at the school desk, buy some baranki (round cracknels) from a street vendor on the Trade square, join the fans of the famous actors who elicited applause from the Peterhof theater audience, take a walk along the streets and parks and, of course, send a postcard.


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