St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design3
09/11 – 19/12/2018

The Exhibition “Dutch House. Dreams of Peter the Great” opens on 8 December

“The Dutch House: Dreams of Peter the Great” project invites you to enter Peter’s assumed dream about the Netherlands. Surreal images based on the collection of the Peterhof State Museum “pin” the events and objects that the great reformer could have dreamt of. They were embodied in the real life of the Emperor, becoming a phenomenon of cultural import and a part of Peterhof history.

100 + 10

2018 makes a special double anniversary for St Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music: 100 + 10 years. The Museum was officially established in 1918, yet the core of its collection is made up of the materials of the «First Russian Theatre Exhibition» of 1908. 110 years later the Museum presents the most compelling acquisitions … Continue reading 100 + 10