St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design3
09/11 – 19/12/2018
Erik Patton

Erik Patton

Biennale’s Educational Programme Participant

Erik Patton is a Director of Exhibition Planning & Administration, has been with the Museum since 2008. He oversees the Exhibitions Department, which is responsible for the coordination of MoMA exhibitions and traveling exhibitions. He received an A.B. in art history from Harvard College (2003) and an M.F.A in combined media from Hunter College (2016).
The Exhibition Planning and Administration Department is responsible for the coordination of MoMA exhibitions, tours of MoMA exhibitions to foreign and US venues, exhibitions co-organized by MoMA, and exhibitions organized by other institutions and presented at MoMA. The department is the liaison among various museum departments and works to ensure that exhibitions are developing on schedule and within budget.
On 3 October 2016 Erik Patton and Lana Hum, Director of MoMA’s Exhibition Design and Production delivered Art of Display at the Museum of Modern Art lecture at the General Staff Building of the State Hermitage Museum.