St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design3
09/11 – 19/12/2018
BeDemocracy Temporary Exhibition at the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, Norway, 2014 © Expology
BeDemocracy Temporary Exhibition at the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, Norway, 2014 © Expology

Gordon Ryan (Norway)
Museuming, an Adventure from Noun to Verb

7 November 2016 at 7 pm

Lecture Hall of the General Staff Building, the State Hermitage Museum

6/8 Dvortsovaya ploschad, St Petersburg

Gordon Ryan will be talking about what it means to “integrate technology” into a museum, about Expology design studio work over the past 18 years – and what they have learned about the development of exhibitions and the use of “appropriate” technology.
“Facts are okay, but mostly when they’re part of a great story”. Expology have been working with the reduced tolerance for text-based information over the past 10 years, by focusing on emotional connection with the content. Memorable activities and experiences, lead to a curiosity or an inspiration which in turn will increase likelihood of follow-up visits or out-of-house research.
A look into our near future, and smart connected environments respond to our movements – before, during and after a visit to the physical museum. The museum, holds true to an original intention – a physical archive of collected and curated objects. But now, it is also social – a group experience, or a public occasion. We go there to be inspired, and so we attend workshops, and events including peripheral events involving linked arts and culture that all add to an appreciation of the current collection, and an appreciation of a culture. Authenticity, uniqueness, and social learning that we cannot experience from either home or the nearest VR centre.
Future Technologies: Tracking. Museums have begun to use new environments of movement and behaviour tracking. Expology has been researching for the past 3 years, on how Museums can optimise in reaction to collected experience data. Learn, adjust, optimise – Expology are part of an international research consortium for setting and testing models for experience tracking, and how it helps museums to self-improve.
Gordon Ryan is a Partner and Senior Designer at the Expology Design Studio. Since 2014 Gordon Ryan has joined Expology (Oslo) as Senior Designer, and works on developing Museums, Visitor Centres and Business Communication Arenas. Analytic, pragmatic, social – His work with Expology involves strong collaborative conceptual development, followed by a refined and well-informed production.
Expology started in the mid-1980’s as a business Experience Design branch in the global PR company Burson-Marsteller. They thrived as storytellers in the high-level commercial sector, but expanded into the area of museums, exhibitions and visitor centres in the late 90’s. Since 1998 Expology became independent, and has led the nordic market for museums, visitor centres and brand communication.
The studio remains highly brand-conscious, and tend to scrutinize and challenge preconceptions about visitor trends and expectations of an organization – and allow the visitor to create their own experience in a way that enables them to remember and share the experience with others.
Expology has a studio in Oslo, and in Stockholm, and currently employs a mixed-skills team of 26 designers, architects, graphic designers, technologists and coders.
The lecture is supported by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in St Petersburg.
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