St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design3
09/11 – 19/12/2018

What is the role of museums in 21st century urban life? And how can design enable urban museums to become more connected to the communities, concerns, and creativity of the city?

Mr Tefft’s talk explored museum design through RAA’s previous and current work – from the IBM ‘THINK’ exhibition in New York, to the National Museum of Scotland, to the new Museum of London as the UK’s current largest cultural project. Each project is examined through a key design concept that also becomes a lens for a new relevance for urban museums in the 21st century city.


Phillip Tefft has conceived, masterplanned and designed museums, exhibitions, and cultural destinations for over 30 years. After developing projects in New York in 1998, he established the RAA London studio in 2000, today comprising a multidisciplinary staff of 35 designers, architects, artists, writers, researchers and administrators.

Phillip Tefft holds an MA from the Columbia University School of Architecture. He is a registered architect in New York, a member of the Architectural Association in London, and of the International Council of Museums.