St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design3
09/11 – 19/12/2018
Sami Hoppania

Sami Hoppania

Participant of the Biennale 2014: Intro Design Agency worked to create the museum’s new image and a new navigation system at the Feodor Chaliapin Museum (branch of the St Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music).

Designer team, Pia Pirhonen and Sami Hoppania (Intro Design), has made communication design in close cooperation more than 8 years.
«Our team has developed visual communication for the Finnish museums in many ways.
We have designed museums visual identities, publications, advertising, signage systems, exhibition design, web exhibitions and exhibition architecture.
We examine museums through the brand, because the brand strengthens and guides visitor’s experience.
Museum brand-building has to be symbiotic with exhibition activities.
Our exhibition design is steered by functional and communicative objectives. We focus on visionary ideation, controlled color schemes and design languages, the rhythm and dramaturgy of exhibitions and stylish structural solutions. Our goal is to create a compelling, informative and experiential exhibition experience».