St Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design3
09/11 – 19/12/2018


Andrey Vovk

Participant of the Biennale 2016: the head of the workshop on museum and exhibition design which result was the exhibition at the museum of the Bolshoi St. Petersburg State Circus.

In 2010 Andrey Vovk was invited by one of the world’s largest museum design companies, RAA – Ralph Appelbaum Associates, to take the position of the lead architect for the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow. The museum was opened in 2013. In 2012 he was part of the RAA team that worked on the architectural design competition for the future Yeltsin Presidential Center in Ekaterinburg; since RAA’s design won Andrey Vovk was in charge of public spaces and museum infrastructure design. The construction works at the Yeltsin Center are now in final stage, the opening is planned for 2015. Being part of the RAA Vovk has carried out a number of other projects, such as creating development plans for the Sakharov Center in Moscow and the Museum of the Spartak football club. The architect says that his job at RAA is to create functional and operational museum spaces suited for visitor activities (educational programs and programs for children), temporary exhibitions rooms and event venues. Andrey Vovk is now director of the RAA in Russia.
On 21 March 2016 Andrey Vovk delivered Interpretative Museum Space lecture at the General Staff Building of the State Hermitage Museum.
At the Biennale 2014 Moscow office of the Ralph Appelbaum Associates developed the Inversion project for the State Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum.